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[Ftpapi] YNT: [Supheli E-Posta] Re: Socket has been shut down

Hi Scott,


Copied the same request and gave it a try in SoapUI, it works in success, no problem


The remote is ibm data-power, do you think it could be due to special chararacters, but nothing seems to be wrong in debug file with ccsid 819, asked network people to capture data






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Tarih: Thursday, December 10, 2020 4:44 AM
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Konu: [Supheli E-Posta] Re: [Ftpapi] Socket has been shut down


DİKKAT: Bu e-posta kurum dışından gönderilmiştir. Zararlı dosya veya bağlantılar (link) içerebilir. Kaynağından emin olmadığınız dosyaları/bağlantıları (link) açarken veya e-postayı cevaplarken dikkatli olunuz.

Hello Nihat,

The server you've connected to has sent you the messsage "500 Internal Server Error".  It means that some sort of any error has occurred on that server.  Then, it disconnected without sending back any sort of response document.

Its hard to say what is causing the error, since it is occurring on the server, and it does not explain the problem, it just disconnects.   Its possible that you are sending it the wrong data, or data in the wrong format, and that is causing an error.  Its also possible that there's something wrong with the server.

As Brad said, I'd double-check that you're doing everything correctly -- and if so, I'd contact the folks who run this server and ask them if something is wrong.

Its important to understand that every API is different.  Since nobody on this mailing list is familiar with the exact API you're calling, there's no way we can tell you what you are doing wrong -- at least, not without more information.   You'll want to look in the documentation for the API and/or talk to the people who run it to get more details.  If you have an example that works in a tool like Postman, SoapUI or curl, then we could compare that to what you've done in HTTPAPI to tell you what must be changed. 

Scott Klement

On 12/9/2020 1:05 PM, Nihat Ezer wrote:



SetError() Ö13: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error     

recvresp(): end with 500                               

recvdoc parms: identity 0                              

header_load_cookies() entered                          

recvdoc(): entered                                      

SetError() Ö0:                                         

recvdoc(): No content-length: receiving until disconnect

SetError() Ö44: CommTCP_read: Socket has been shut down.

SetError() Ö13: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error     

http_close(): entered                                  

 ************End of Data********************           


Receive the error above during the http_url_post_raw() and have come the following which did not help much,  http://www.scottklement.com/archives/ftpapi/201806/msg00005.html



Thank you,



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