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Re: [Ftpapi] Remote host refusing the connection

Hi Robin,

I'm struggling to come up with a better description of the problem beyond "the remote host is refusing the connection".  So perhaps it makes more sense to define the terminology used.

"Remote" = On a network connection, there are two sides.  The one HTTPAPI is running on (called "local") and the one you are connecting to ("remote").  

"Host" = its tempting to refer to the system you're connecting to as a "computer", or "box" or something like this -- but we can't be certain about that. Sometimes people run HTTP servers on other types of devices, such as phones, printers, etc  Heck, I've even seen web servers in some of the nicer refrigerators or coffee makers.  So we can't say "the computer you're connecting to" because it might not be a computer.  So they use the term "host" instead, which means any sort of device that can work with the TCP/IP network.

"refusing the connection" = means we sent a request to connect, but it refused.  Typically, this means there isn't a program running on that IP address/port, so nothing to receive the connection request.  It could also mean that the host, or a firewall in front of the host, is blocking connections from you.

So, when you put that together, it means "the computer or other device on the other end of the network connection is not accepting a connection request, either because the HTTP server isn't running, or because it has been configured to block connections from you".

Of course, a typo in the host name or port could also result in you connecting to the wrong place, and then it'd also make sense that it refused the connection.

Does that help?

Scott Klement

On 11/30/2020 7:13 PM, Robin Jacob wrote:
Hi Scott

We use the HTTPAPI tool to transport payloads

We are able to connect and transport to this URL/Server from our QA box fine.
But from our UAT box the same URL/Server is refusing to connect.

connect(2): A remote host refused an attempted connect operation.

I have attached some screen-shots from my debugging.
Please review and advise how to address this issue.

Robin Jacob
Genuine Parts Co.

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