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Re: [Ftpapi] HTTPAPI - ssl_error(415) (GSKit) Peer not recognized or badly formatted message received

Hello Victor,

You can call https_close() after each request to force it to start a new SSL/TLS environment.

But, I don't see how that relates to the problem you're having?   Re-using the environment doesn't mean that it won't renegotiate the connection -- of course, it always renegotiates.

The error is related to an unknown SSL message format.  Normally, you see that when you connect to a server that expects a different SSL/TLS version or different ciphers, etc.  I've also seen it when trying to connect to a non-SSL server when you have SSL enabled in the client.

On 8/25/2020 4:54 PM, Parafina, Victor J. L. wrote:

We have encountered an error using HTTPAPI v1.35 on an SSL connection from a V7R3 system. The error is:


(GSKit) Peer not recognized or badly formatted message received.                              

ssl_error(415): (GSKit) Peer not recognized or badly formatted message received.              

SetError() #30: SSL Handshake: (GSKit) Peer not recognized or badly formatted message received.


Upon checking the network trace, we are getting message - This session reuses previously negotiated keys (Session resumption). It seems that the server is disallowing us to reuse SSL sessions.


Is there a way in HTTPAPI where we will always create new SSL session for each transaction?


Thanks and warm regards,



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