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Re: [Ftpapi] help using HTTPAPI to call SOAP service including PDF in request

Hi Bob,

Most likely, the binary data would need to be base64-encoded.  If you have a WSDL for the SOAP service, it should provide the details of what needs to be done.

I'm guessing that your document is larger than 16mb based on your concern about it being too large.  If that's the case, you can generate it into a stream file, and send the file.  That way it doesn't all need to be in memory at the same time.


On 12/30/2019 10:12 AM, Bob Long wrote:

We are currently using HTTPAPI to integrate with our REST APIs and SOAP services. 
We would like some assistance in calling one of our SOAP services which has a request
that includes a binary (of a pdf document) as one of its parameters. We would like
to call this service after generating a pdf file from a spool file and pass the binary
of the document into the request for the SOAP service.


We are mainly struggling with how to read and store (in memory most likely) the pdf file 
generated by the spool to pdf commend. Secondly, we were unsure the best way to send the
request to the SOAP service without building it in such a way that the xml is too long for
an RPG program.


We are also open to other options for getting a spool file into a request to this SOAP service
in a pdf format.

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