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Re: [Ftpapi] Free SOAP and REST Web Services for testing

Hi Jon,

I've been having similar problems.  Each time I find a free service that I can use for teaching, it ends up dying within months.

The IBM Watson service for Language Translation works pretty well for demonstrations.  Unfortunately, it's not strictly-speaking a REST service....  but it's close enough.   There's no SOAP variant, so if I still want to teach SOAP, I'm still stuck finding a simple one.

I've been thinking about just hosting one with IWS...  even if it's just that cheesy metric conversion one that IBM provides. Unfortunately, it's hard to find one that's available to everyone to try themselves and also serves a useful business purpose.


On 4/18/2018 9:03 PM, Jon Paris wrote:
I have just spent a futile hour trying all of the free web services I have previously used and not one is still functioning.  A google search appeared to give hope - but all of the ones I found there were also "dead".  Even tried limiting the search to the past 12 months and no joy.

Is there nowhere that tracks these things and whether they re still active? Even the ones shown in the SoapUI manuals no longer seem operative. I just need a simple currency rates and/or weather service.

Jon Paris


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