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Re: [Ftpapi] FTP job get stuck


FTPAPI is sitting and waiting for data on the network.  It seems, for some reason, that no data is coming, so it will sit and wait forever.  Usually, I see this when a firewall is blocking data. Sometimes, I see it on an unreliable network, like cellphone data Or when a network is "flaky" (i.e. has a bad piece of hardware , cable, etc somewhere in the connection.)  It could be almost anything.

To make your program a bit more robust, I would suggest coding a timeout on ftp_conn or ftp_open (whichever you are using) so that when this happens, your program will timeout and can detect the problem and notify someone to try again.  (Or even could be coded to automatically try again.)

If possible, I would troubleshoot the network, too, to find out why FTPAPI is not getting the data it expects...  but, that is beyond the scope of what I can do for you in an e-mail :-)


On 4/17/2018 12:12 PM, Tom Beckwith wrote:
We are using FTPAPI to transfer from a Windows FT server. After recently moving to a new FTP server and upgrading IBM I to  V7R3, we are getting intermittent jobs that "hang" halfway through a transfer.

The hang-up is in FTPAPIR4, procedure BUFLINE on this line:
callp     select(peSocket+1: %addr(wwSet): *NULL: *NULL: p_timeval)

Anyone seen this before?

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