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[Ftpapi] ebMS3

The ATO (Australian Tax Office) has decided that moving forward any data interchange needs to be ebMS3 compliant.
From my understanding we generate a JSON or XML message payload and then envelop it with ebMS3/AS4, below is a summary of what they expect.
A STP message is made up of two main components
Payload (in XBRL, XML or JSON format)
The content of the message to be sent to the ATO, the main example for STP will be the elements and values of the “Payroll event” message, which will be in XML format
Envelope (eBMS3/AS4)
A set of layered extensions to the SOAP protocol, providing security and reliability features enabling e-Commerce transactions.
ATO is using the eBMS 3 standard with the addition of the AS4 profile
My question has anyone had any exposure to ebMS3 within our iSeries world or any ideas?
Tony Cesarios
GHC Solutions Pty Ltd    
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