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Re: [Ftpapi] replicating a curl request

This is a strange curl request... I don't think whomever wrote it was a regular curl user.  For example, he's coding the authrorization string manually instead of using curl's normal userid/password parameters.  And I don't understand why he's coding "no-cache"...  that would only make sense for a web browser, but he's using curl...

But, yeah... you can do this with HTTPAPI.

a) the content-type is a parameter, use that, do not code a custom header.

b) likewise for authorization, use http_setAuth(), not a custom header

c) For the custom headers you do need (file_name, table_name, table_sys_id) you'll need to use an ADDL_HEADER exit procedure.

d) for the "data" parameter, just pass it in the upload data.  If using http_stmf or http_req, you just use the path to your PDF.  If you're using the older set of APIs, use http_post_stmf() to point to your PDF.


On 1/25/2018 7:14 AM, KEVIN SCHREUR wrote:
All I need to replicate a curl request to upload a PDF to a site from the System I release 7.1. Could someone assist since even though I’ve used HTTPAPI for retrieving XML documents and posting them I haven’t used it for uploading a file, and since I don’t know curl, I’m hoping someone can translate what it is doing and provide some help. I’d fight through it myself, but time is of the essence in providing a System I solution. Thanks.

curl --request POST --url


--header 'authorization: Basic SlN5bm93aWVjVGVzdDpUZXN0MTIzNA=='

--header 'cache-control: no-cache' --header 'content-type: document/pdf'

--header 'file_name: 29_March_2017.pdf' --header 'table_name:

u_total_statements' --header 'table_sys_id:

dab3ae544f3383006e5f6cd18110c790' --data 29_March_2017.pdf \

Thanks, Kevin

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