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Re: [Ftpapi] Something I don't recall seeing before: "CommSSL_Read: time-out!"

On 10/13/17, 12:52 PM, Scott Klement wrote:

If the time out is occuring sporadically with no obvious pattern, then
it probably isn't a software problem.

Actually, I discovered a probable cause: when I tried to access the Tomcat server in question a few minutes ago, first accessing a service via the Swagger playground, and then trying to sign on to the webapp, I found that the Tomcat server was completely unresponsive. I've since examined the Tomcat logs, and then downloaded them to pass on to my colleague who wrote the webapp and its services.

Let's face it: if I somehow managed to crash Tomcat with a web service call, (1) that would definitely explain the timeout, and (2) my colleague needs to figure out how I managed to crash it.


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