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[Ftpapi] HTTPAPI - Hex characters cropping up in parms for http_url_post_stmf



First off, thanks for providing such a useful tool. I’ve been happily using it for about 6 years now 😊

Recently I seemed to hit an intermittent issue in using HTTPAPI to make a post request (taking data from a stream file populated with soap).


One of the areas I spotted while checking into this issue seemed to stem from some hex data being appended to the beginning of the content type and SOAPAction parameters for the http_url_post_stmf call.



When I track this in debug I see these hex characters appearing:


My calling program just before the call:



…stepping into to HTTPAPRR4:




Some tricky Hex data has appeared just doing my step-into! Have you ever seen this before?

I know there is some code floating around to handle larger parameter lengths for these variables recently plus code to put in default values when these values are not passed in (we do not pass in useragent for example), but I’m looking for an pointer on where to troubleshoot / debug as I can’t see any in-between steps where this hex is getting included.


Many Thanks,









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