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Re: [Ftpapi] Error Codes from YAJL

Hi Jon,
The YAJL generator routines (including yajl_beginObj) return the YAJL generator status code. There are a list of constants in YAJL_H

      * These are the status codes known to the YAJL JSON generator
     D yajl_gen_status_ok...
     D                 c                   const(0)
     D yajl_gen_keys_must_be_strings...
     D                 c                   const(1)
     D yajl_max_depth_exceeded...
     D                 c                   const(2)
     D yajl_gen_in_error_state...
     D                 c                   const(3)
     D yajl_gen_generation_complete...
     D                 c                   const(4)
     D yajl_gen_invalid_number...
     D                 c                   const(5)
     D yajl_gen_no_buf...
     D                 c                   const(6)
     D yajl_gen_invalid_string...
     D                 c                   const(7)
     D yajl_gen_iconv_error...
     D                 c                   const(1000000)
     D yajl_gen_open_fail...
     D                 c                   const(1000001)
     D yajl_gen_write_fail...
     D                 c                   const(1000002)

Good luck

On 6/14/2017 5:16 PM, Jon Paris wrote:
I've discovered the cause of my problem - but it would still be useful to know for future reference.

I can't find anything that describes the values that can be returned by functions such as yajl_beginObj() - in my case the value returned was 4 and my debugging might have been faster had I known what that meant.  Had a look through the protos and the original YAJL docs but nothing jumped out at me.

Anyone know where to find these?

Jon Paris


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