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[Ftpapi] BASE64 Decode

Is there an easy way to decode a field from BASE64 ? ( IBM API maybe that I cannot find )

I have tried Scott’s example but get a “Definition not found for symbol 'BASE64_ENCODE'. “ after I compile my program.

I did all the  compile options in the BASE64R4 documentation.


I tried an example online as well and got the same error just to make sure it was not my main pgm..


Any Ideas?  Its probably something easy I’m not doing  I would guess.


Example off the web :

/copy BASE64_H                                 

D Input           S              6a              

D Output          S              8A             




     input = x'61626b3735';                      

     Output = *blanks;                          


    base64_encode( %addr(Input)                 

     : %len(%trimr(Input))                      

     : %addr(Output)                            

     : %size(Output) );                         


     dsply Output;                              

     *inlr = *on;                               






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