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[Ftpapi] HTTPAPI DNS resolve message


I got this DNS message shown a few times today.

Does anyone know whether this is a diagnostic message or an actual error?


HTTPAPI Ver 1.24 released 2012-01-23                                     
OS/400 Ver V7R1M0                                                        
2017-02-14- http_persist_open(): entered                  
2017-02-14- http_long_ParseURL(): entered                 
2017-02-14- DNS resolver retrans: 2                       
2017-02-14- DNS resolver retry  : 2                       
2017-02-14- DNS resolver options: x'00000136'             
2017-02-14- DNS default domain: xxx.xxxx.xxxx         
2017-02-14- DNS server found:               
2017-02-14- DNS server found:       


This is in called in COMMSSLR4/CommSSL_New procedure 

eval      p_Resolve   =%paddr('COMMTCP_RESOLVE')    
eval      p_Read      =%paddr('COMMTCP_READ')       
eval      p_BlockRead =%paddr('COMMTCP_BLOCKREAD')  
eval      p_BlockWrite=%paddr('COMMTCP_BLOCKWRITE') 
eval      p_LineRead  =%paddr('COMMTCP_LINEREAD')   
eval      p_LineWrite =%paddr('COMMTCP_LINEWRITE')  
eval      p_Hangup    =%paddr('COMMTCP_HANGUP')     
owever, are SSL-specific:                           
eval      p_Connect   =%paddr('COMMSSL_CONNECT')    
eval      p_Upgrade   =%paddr('COMMSSL_UPGRADE')    
eval      p_Cleanup   =%paddr('COMMSSL_CLEANUP')    

I wasn't sure because this message appears in the RESOLVE, the next few procedures call are successful?


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