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Re: cookie=.AspNetCore.Identity.Application not sent (expired)


There were no screenshots, but that's okay, I didn't need any screenshots...

I've  updated the copy of HTTPAPI on my web site with these changes.


On 12/6/2016 7:38 PM, DAVID lerman wrote:
    Hi Scott,  (The attached is a "Make Available Offline" from WDSc7. Same
    as Export.  I hope you can work with that)

    If you need it some other way please explain further.

    I did a source compare and the HEADERR4 sources are identical other
    than my changes, The changes are in the cookie2ts procedure.

    I don't know if you can get these screen shots.  (and day = *blanks)


    Here is the second.  and mon = *blanks


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