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Using http post and Rest

   Hi Rick,
   The best advice I can offer is to learn about the service you want to
   consume in SOAPUI first.
   Don't try and learn about the service while also battling your
   implementation in this case being RPG and HTTPAPI. It takes way too
   long compiling and changing code. SOAPUI allows you to test theories
   and recreate your errors over and over again.
   Once you successfully mastered the service you will be familiar with
   what you have to reproduce in your code with certainty and how to
   handle http errors
   George Jeffcock
   I�need to post an XML file to a Web Service using REST and supplying a
   user id and password.
   I have tried several approaches. Using the HTTPAPI command, it looks
   like the file is being validated by the Web Service, but I end with a
   HTTP 422 Unprocessable Entity.�   I tried the http_SetAuth for the user id
and password and
   http_post_stmf api. The program appears to contact the Web Service but
   I end up with a HTTP 415 Unsupported Media Type.
   Thanks for you help
   Rick Holm


   1. http://www.restpatterns.org/HTTP_Status_Codes/422_-_Unprocessable_Entity
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