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HTTPAPI timeout question


   We are using HTTPAPI in order to run some php scripts, sometimes our
   process takes a long time (more than 1 minute) and then HTTPAPI
   timeouts, we have changed the timeout value but whatever we try HTTPAPI
   fails after 60 seconds, so is there something else to setup in order to
   make the timeout parameter working ?

   Thanks a lot for your help !

   Dominique GARNIER

   Chef de projets web services

   ALD Automotive France
   Direction des Systèmes d'Informations
   ALD Automotive
   15, allée de l'Europe - 92588 Clichy Cedex
   Tél : +33 (0)1 56 76 18 12

   e-mail : [1]dominique.garnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   web : [2]www.ald-automotive.fr


   1. mailto:dominique.garnier-ext@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   2. http://www.ald-automotive.fr/
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