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http_url_get() - Previous Payload in Memory

   I ran in a problem with�http_url_get(): Retrieve an HTTP document.
   I use it to save responses into IFS files. One file (http_tempfile())�   one response.
   But subsequent calls to http_url_get() �saves the current response and
   previous response. Checking the temp files on disk I see the multiple
   Can I clear the service programs before invoking �http_url_get() ?
   That would solve it but probably not help in the long term fix the
   issue if indeed it is an issue or I have implemented it wrong.
   I get the the unstandable error of "SetError() #66: XML parse failed at
   line 63, col 0: junk after document element" when trying to parse the
   temp ifs file as it contains two docs.
   Many thanks for peoples thoughts?
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