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Question about http_url_post_xml - can I stopped the auto parsing being done?

   I'm looking for a POST option that will write the response to the IFS
   (archive) and also allow me to bring the results into memory. Looks
   like http_url_post_xml would do that for me with one exception in that
   it tries to parse the response for me and not all of my responses will
   be XML. Is there a switch/flag something that would tell this process
   not to parse the response? Below is what I sent and received back in
   the log (SetError() #66: XML parse failed at line 1, col 0: syntax
   error ).
   It may be that while reviewing the different POST option that I missed
   the one I should be using for this.
   Thanks in advance for any help that you can give,

   rc = http_url_post_xml(%Trim(url)
             : %addr(postData) + 2
             : %len(postData)
             : *NULL
             : %paddr(Incoming)
             : %addr(String)
             : HTTP_TIMEOUT
             : HTTP_USERAGENT
             : 'Salem05210/SLM');

   SetError() #13: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

   recvresp(): end with 200

   recvdoc parms: identity 107

   header_load_cookies() entered

   cookie_parse() entered

   cookie =
   BIGipServer~UnixAdmin~ux_nc_var_8082_pool=2905412874.37407.0000; path=/

   cookie attr

   cookie attr path=/

   recvdoc(): entered

   SetError() #0:

   recvdoc(): Receiving 107 bytes.

   T74V00000001              225160825         4788250000028291   0917VI
   http_close(): entered

   HTTPAPI Ver 1.31 released 2016-02-03

   NTLM Ver 1.4.0 released 2014-12-22

   OS/400 Ver V7R1M0

   SetError() #66: XML parse failed at line 1, col 0: syntax error
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