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HTTPAPI -Header Parser


   I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I ask something that
   has already been asked. I did go through the archives and didn't find
   any information.

   My question is on header parser function in HTTPAPI. Currently,
   header_parse() function reads all the headers and puts them in the data
   structure which is available to the HEADERR4 module only.  In order to
   get the header information, we need to use http_header() function.
   Also, header_parse() goes through the complete response object to pull
   headers from it. Wouldn't it be faster, if it looks for <CRLF><CRLF>
   and stop the search after that?

   I am developing a generic framework to consume web services offered by
   different businesses such MelissaData or D&B. Developers on my team may
   or may not know all the headers coming back in the response object. I
   want to iterate though the all the header and put them in the list and
   return it back to the calling procedure.

   Challenge I am coming across is that there is no iterator that can get
   me all headers without specifying name. Also, could someone please
   explain, what is best use of USERDATA pointer in http_xproc()

   If someone has come across something like this, could you please share.
   If not, I would like to contribute to HTTPAPI by enhancing existing
   code and send it back to the team to see if it is acceptable to include
   in package.

   Again, I apologize in advance, if this has been already discussed and
   if you can point me to some resource.


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