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Re: More handshake issues

   Frustrating, no? I've been dealing with this provider for several
   months, getting these kinds of responses from them the entire time. I'm
   not knowledgeable enough to know if they're feeding me complete
   nonsense or not.
   Provider has 2 services. One uses https, the other http. The persist
   thing came up when we had trouble on the http service. (I sent your
   very helpful reply about it to them. They've been silent on that score
   since.) The handshake error is, obviously on the https side.
   Curiously, the handshake error does NOT occur on their test server,
   just the production server.� They sent me a picture of their firewall
   log. It's greek to me. Even our network guy doesn't know what it means.
   I thought about pasting it in here, but it contains IP address and I'm
   not comfortable doing that.

   On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 9:47 AM, Scott Klement <[1]sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

     Sequence of WHAT is out of order?
     I looked up your name, and it seems you send another e-mail to this
     list about a week ago in which you said something about http_persist
     vs http_url, which also made no sense at all.� Is this business
     about the sequence being out of order related� to that one at
     all?� What does any of this have to do with handshakes?
     Can we see the actual error message that you're getting from
     On 7/21/2016 7:31 AM, Tony Cate wrote:

     � � Service provider logged our requests to debug the handshake
     issues were
     � � experiencing. This is his english explanation of what
     � � "Client � server reached out to establish a new connection
     but then
     � � immediately sent another notification that it suspected the
     � � was out of order.
     � � �
     � � Providers�s server responded to the request for a new
     connection and
     � � then also responded to the out-of-order request to reset the
     � � connection.
     � � �
     � � Client�s server attempted to reset the connection but did
     not transmit
     � � a request to start a new session."
     � � I'm a RPGLE guy and know next to nothing about HTTP and
     server's etc.�
     � � Does any of that make sense? If it does, what can I do to work
     � � it, aside from looping around and resubmitting the request?
     � � Tony
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