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HTTPAPI problem with characters in the XML


   I am processing credit cards with Chase Paymentech and sending an XML
   request.  I am getting a few responses from Chase that they are unable
   to find the <Request> element of the XML.  I have one program creating
   the XML request and sporadically I get a bad response.  I sent the
   problem to Chase Paymentech support and they are unable to give a
   definitive answer.  Unfortunately I am unable to duplicate the

   The answer I got from Chase is that they did see a special character
   between the MIME header and the XML request.  I am able to see some
   characters between the MIME and the request, but I do not know how they
   are getting there.

   I posted part of the HTTP_Debug below and you can see just before the
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> you can see a character that
   should not be there.  I start sending at the <?

   Do you know why the extra characters are being added?  In my testing I
   did notice this character changes and it's not always the same.

   The actual response from Chase Support.

   "We are unable to procure a detailed log on previously run
   transactions. Without being able to actively reproduce the issue so we
   may get a live log on our end; the issue will be hard to pinpoint. What
   we can tell is your MIME header came in just fine on those error
   transactions. We also logged a few recent transactions and noticed that
   between the MIME header and the actual transaction request there was an
   invalid character of "¬". For example: ¬<?xml version="1.0"
   encoding="UTF-8"?> <Request>. If this character was injected at any
   point within the start of the xml tag it could cause the <Request> tag
   to not be found. Our recommendation would be to review your code to see
   why it might be sending that character, or if in certain instances it
   might be injecting any other unsupported characters into the request."

   Protocol Used: TLS Version 1.2

   http_persist_post(): entered

   http_persist_req(POST) entered.

   http_long_ParseURL(): entered

   http_long_ParseURL(): entered

   do_oper(POST): entered

   There are 0 cookies in the cache

   POST /authorize HTTP/1.1

   Host: orbitalvar1.chasepaymentech.com

   User-Agent: http-api/1.31

   Content-Type: application/PTI68

   Content-Length: 976

   MIME-Version: 1.0

   Content-transfer-encoding: text

   Request-number: 1

   Document-type: Request

   senddoc(): entered

   }<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



   The paste looks different from the actual debug file so I added the




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