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Re: Certificate rejected


HTTPAPI lets the operating system handle SSL/TLS. That means the things you have configured in the IBM i Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) apply to HTTPAPI as well as the other SSL/TLS applications running on the OS.

In this case, you have assigned an exit program in your DCM that is called each time an SSL certificate is received -- presumably, you did that in order to only allow certain certificates to connect to your IBM i. For that reason, when you try to connect with SSL in HTTPAPI, it runs the same exit program and will reject certificates that don't match what your exit program allows.


On 7/13/2016 12:31 PM, tgriner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I just installed the httpapi programs.  When I send a request i get.
SSL Handshake: (GSKit) Certificate was rejected by the application supplied exit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tim Griner 229 584 0687

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