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RE: Error received calling Web Service SOAP with HTTAPI

   Hi all

at the moment i'm not able to try with SOAPUI ( in need certificate in my

   Pc) so i tried to post an Xml file (from iseries) that the Server Web

   Admin sent to me and that he said that it is good , but also with this
   i get

   the same error, so i suppose that a char coding problem ?

   i checked :

   1- CCIDS id Xml file stored in ifs : 1208 (Ok ?)

   2- First row of my Xml file stored in ifs :<?xml version="1.0"

   encoding="utf-8"?> (Ok ?)

   this is the call to the procedure :

   ContentType       = 'text/xml; charset=utf-8';

   rc = http_url_post_stmf(%Trim(NomeWS_par)

                          : %Trim(tempFile)

                          : '/tmp/http_result.txt'

                          : HTTP_TIMEOUT

                          : HTTP_USERAGENT

                          : ContentType );

   Pheraphs i have to use HTTP_URL_POST_STMF_XML  ?

   any other suggestion ?

   thanks in advance
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