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SSL Handshake Timeout

   I'm consuming a web-service with this code:
   �rc = http_url_get_xml(uri: %paddr(StartXMLNode)
   :%paddr(EndXMLNode):*null:wsTimeout); �   where wsTimeout = 30 -- Set so high to see if it would fix the issue.
   It'll run normally for 20 or 30 iterations then throw this error:
   http_setauth(): entered
   http_persist_open(): entered
   http_long_ParseURL(): entered
   DNS resolver retrans: 2
   DNS resolver retry �: 2
   DNS resolver options: x'00000136'
   DNS default domain: WORKGROUP
   DNS server found: hidden
   DNS server found: hidden
   SetError() #32: Time out during SSL handshake
   I've not found any hints on the internet.� Any help will be
   Tony Cate�|�Senior Programmer/Analyst�|�704.872.2458 x 126
   [1]Auction Edge, Inc.
   AUCTION�EDGE,�INC.�|�Powering Independent Auctions
   STATESVILLE, NC�|�704.872.2458


   1. http://www.auctionedge.com/
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