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Question regarding the FTPAPIR4 service program

   I try to answer the question posted by "shatse" about the code page.

   I use FTP API on Italy AS/400 (with QCCSID = 65535, QCHRID = 695/1144,

   I changed:

   ** Default remote codepage

   D DFT_RMT_CP      C                   CONST(819)

     ** Default local codepage

    D DFT_LOC_CP      C                   CONST(819)

   It works well up to IBM i V5R4.

   But from V6R1 I encountered a problem when I transfer a physical file
   (CCSID 280) to a server Unix as a text file.

   I changed

   D DFT_LOC_CP      C                   CONST(280)

   But with DFT_LOC_CP set to 280 the transfer of IFS files doesn't work;
   so I changed a few rows in the service program in order to handle two

   * for IFS files

   D DFT_LOC_CP      C                   CONST(819)

   * for physical files

   D DFT_LOC_CP_PF   C                   CONST(280)

   I don't know if it is the better way, but at the moment I solved the

   Best regards.

   Marco Riva
   Sirio Informatica e Sistemi S.p.A.
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