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Question regarding the FTPAPIR4 service program

   Dear Scott !

   Some time ago I downloaded and used for my test purposes the

   Service program mentioned above.

   It worked properly till the moment when some of my remote hosts

   ( where I tried to log og via FTP ) was in a Belgium country.

   After some attempts done I got to conclusion that possible reason may
   be the different NLS ( code page, job ccsid whatever else which differs
   the Belgium anaist the english speaking countries )

   Trying to configure out the issue I opened the service program source
   and found that one of the data definitions is the code page value
   altogether with others ( as below )

   ** Default remote codepage

   D DFT_RMT_CP      C                   CONST(437)

   ** Default local codepage

   D DFT_LOC_CP      C                   CONST(37)

   ** Default local file mode

   D DFT_MODE        C                   CONST(511)

   My questions are following :

   1. Does it may be critycal issue for proper logon in languiage
   environment  other than English ?

   2. Can I use the code page as an input parameters insted of recompiling
   the service program with other values  ?

   Thanks id advance

   Eli Shats, developer

   P.S. Below is the job log fragment pointing me to the problem

   May be it may help to inderstand what was wrong ?

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