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Re: FTPAPIR4 FTP Error 15 (Unable to create socket)

Hi Christine,

That's strange -- I haven't run into that problem before. Could it be that you are running out of descriptors? Maybe you're forgetting to call FTP_quit() in some cases (like, if there's an error?) and therefore it's never cleaning up the descriptors, so you eventually run out?


On 5/9/2015 12:31 PM, Christine Krebs wrote:
    We are receiving an 'Unable to create socket' error from the FTPAPIR4
    service program. The error is happening in the TCP_CONN routine when
    the 'socket' C program is called.�  The call initiating the connect is
    FTP_LIST procedure within FTPAPIR4.�  Has anyone received this error
    message before?�  Please read below for the background of our process.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    We have a job that is set up to continuously run that connects every
    minute to a remote FTP server to put and get data.�  Here is the flow
    of the program.
    1. builds a group of work files in the IFS.
    2. connects to the remote server (FTP_OPEN)
    3. logs into the server (FTP_LOGIN)�
    4. sets passive mode on (FTP_PassiveMode)
    5. changes directories (FTP_chDir)
    6. puts the files on the server (FTP_Put)
    7. gets a list of files to import � (FTP_LIST)
    8. change directories (FTP_chDir)
    9. gets the files from the server and moves them into the IFS (FTP_Get)
    10. disconnects from server (FTP_Quit)
    11. processes the files from the IFS into our database
    12. program sleeps for 60 seconds
    13.. repeats the process
    This process will run successfully for 2 hours sometimes but typically
    the job has been ending every 10-15 minutes. We will get and put data
    for that time period. �
    The initial error message, 'Unable to create socket', occurs during the
    FTP_LIST call.�  The program will loop back around and try to reconnect
    and get the same error.�  We can not successfully reconnect until the
    job ends and we restart it.�  We have tried both active and passive
    mode.�  The program is compiled with *NEW as the activation group.�  It
    was originally *CALLER.�  The error is always during the FTP_List
    procedure call.
    Also the trace logs running on our ISeries and the remote server do not
    show any activity when we get this error trying to run the FTP_List
    procedure and any subsequent attempts to connect until the job is
    Christine Krebs

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