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Re: Suggestions on missing config- Do we need to Crypto access product installed ?

So, why not enable both SSL and TLS so that it'll work with both their development and production servers, and when they do upgrade the production servers your program will continue to work?

On 12/24/2014 12:30 PM, Krish Thirumalai wrote:
    I did that specifically because UPS sent me this email when i contacted
    them regarding the error when i first encountered it.�

    "Currently the production servers of Host are setup to only receive PLD
    files that have SSLv3 enabled. So if the system being used does not
    have SSLv3 enabled the communication would fail. This would also be a
    possible reason as to why the connection is timing out. Our development
    team is still working on the details about when and how the server will
    be converted from SSLv3 only to TLS. Which at the moment we do not have
    an ETA for when this will be completed. However the development (test)
    servers have been converted to TLS connections only. So if you attempt
    to transmit to the development site with SSLv3 only it would fail
    because the servers are setup to refuse communication."

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