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Re: Suggestions on missing config- Do we need to Crypto access product installed ?


Earlier, you said you were getting (GSkit): Operation Not Supported by SSL. Now you say it's "getting hung up" on the SSL_debug_cert_info() procedure. Which one is it? Are you getting an error, or is it getting hung up?

I did a quick test where I just did this:

*rc = http_get( 'https://www.pld.ups.com' **
**             : '/home/sklement/httpapi/upstest.html' );**
*I realize this is just a quick/simple test, it doesn't do all of the stuff that you are likely to be doing... but I did not get any GSKit errors, and I did not get "hung up". It sent me back an HTML page telling me that the site is only for authorized UPS customers... but the SSL portion worked fine, it sent it back using TLS v1.0, fully encrypted and protected... So HTTPAPI is communicating with UPS just fine in my test -- and returning their message that I'm not authorized (Which is true, I am not... I don't have an account with UPS at my current job. I did at my previous job, but that doesn't help...)

Can you explain further what's happening with you? Are you really getting "hung up" (i.e. program is getting stuck and not responding)? Or are you getting an error message? gsk_attribute_get_cert_info is a system API (part of the operating system) so I'm very limited in what I can do if it's not working. You could try commenting it out and see what happens, though... but I've never heard of a problem with that before, so this strikes me as odd.

On 12/23/2014 10:27 PM, Krish Thirumalai wrote:
    In the previous email i was pointing at the wrong place where the
    program was hanging up in the earlier email. I went deeper into the
    code to determine where it was hanging up and determined it was a
    different point trying to get certificate info.
    It is getting hung up within the SSL_debug_cert_info procedure in
    COMMSSLR4 at the following statement.

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