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   Usually, the "no such path or directory" error when dealing with IFS
   files is due to trailing blanks.� Make sure you're passing a varying
   character field
   � � �D stmf � � � � �s � � � � � �200A � varying
   And that if your loading it from a fixed length field you are using
   � stmf = %trimr(myparm);
   Other thing that tips people up, is that they use a realitive path,
   instead of a fully qualified path.
   � stmf = 'myfolder/myfile.txt';
   when they needed
   � stmf = '/myfolder/myfile.txt'
   The initial '/' is the root of teh IFS and indicates a fully qualified
   path.� Without it, the path is relative to your current folder.� By
   default, /home/USERNAME if it exists.� Otherwise, defaults to /
   Lastly, other possibility is that the file system you are using is
   case-sensitive.� QopenSys for instance, or a user defined FS.� The
   root FS and any folders you create underneath should not be case

   On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 8:31 PM, Tony Cesarios
   <[1]tony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

     � � [cid:image001.gif@01D01DE3.2936E6F0]
     � �Hi Scott,
     � �The only reason why I'm using this command instead of
     � �when trying that I'm getting an error:
     � �Stat(): No such path or directory.
     � �Regards,
     � �tonyletterhead2
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