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Re: Suggestions on missing config- Do we need to Crypto access product installed ?

   The version of OS is V7R2.�   I will try to see if i can download and use 1.26. The version i was
   referencing is packaged with the manifesting process of a warehouse
   management product that the customer uses and i will need to see if i
   can do that easily.
   Also since you asked me about the OS i realized that the iSeries it is
   working from is on an older release than V7R2.

   On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 12:08 PM, Scott Klement
   <[1]sk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

     Hi Krish,
     Any chance you can try this with a newer version of HTTPAPI?� The
     version you used is 9 years old, and it's hard to remember what
     quirks (if any) were in that version, since I haven't used it in
     about 8 years.
     Also, what version of IBM i are you running?� � (Whether you
     do/don't need 57xx-AC3 depends on the version of the OS)
     On 12/19/2014 8:33 AM, Krish Thirumalai wrote:

     � � I am attempting to communicate to UPS using the SSL tool to
     post their
     � � PLD. We have two iSeries machines and are able to do so
     � � from one of them but not from another
     � � When i turn debug on i get only the following from both the
     � � I trying to determine what the issue is, I have uninstalled
     � � certificates and reinstalled them but that does not seem to
     � � Do we need to install the�
     � � 5722AC3 Crypto Access Provider 128-bit for AS/400

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