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RE: Suggestions on missing config- Do we need to Crypto access product installed ?

Version 1.12 is way out of date. Get the latest version. Most updates are considered fixes and should not break anything you are currently running. Since you are using SSL and the latest Beta has SSL/TLS changes, you might as well get the beta software.

Did you build HTTPAPI with SSL support? (Install question)

You can find the requirements for building SSL support in the README member in QRPGLESRC. Yes, a Crypto Access Provider is a requirement but I think it is default installed in later versions of the OS.

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Subject: Suggestions on missing config- Do we need to Crypto access product installed ?

I am attempting to communicate to UPS using the SSL tool to post their PLD.
We have two iSeries machines and are able to do so successfully from one of them but not from another

When i turn debug on i get only the following from both the systems.

HTTPAPI Ver 1.12 released 2005-08-12

New iconv() objects set, ASCII=819. EBCDIC=0

http_url_post_stmf(): entered

getting post file size...

opening file to be sent...

opening file to be received

http_persist_open(): entered

http_long_ParseURL(): entered

https_init(): entered


Dump of local-side certificate information:



Dump of server-side certificate information:


Cert Validation Code = 0

 ************End of Data********************

I trying to determine what the issue is, I have uninstalled the certificates and reinstalled them but that does not seem to help

Do we need to install the

5722AC3 Crypto Access Provider 128-bit for AS/400
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