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RE: mkdir failing in TESTMIRIN

Hi Jerry,

Not sure if you copy pasted or typed but aj1 and ajl are not the same.

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Subject: mkdir failing in TESTMIRIN

The TESTMIRIN program statement below in the "do_dir" subprocedure is failing.   

callp     mkdir(%trimr(LocalDir): 511) 

This is causing the following statement  "if        chdir(%trimr(LocalDir)) < 0" to fail and set the Diagnostic message in the job log to "chdir(): No such path or directory."

So to try to identify the return error of the failed mkdir command, I added the Diagnostic message logic to the mkdir command as shown below:

c**                 callp     mkdir(%trimr(LocalDir): 511)    
c                   if        mkdir(%trimr(LocalDir): 511) < 0
c                   callp     DiagMsg('mkdir(): ' +           
c                                  %str(strerror(errno)))     
c                   return    -1                              
c                   endif                                     

Which generated the same message in the job log as shown below:

0: > CWD                                                
0: 250 CWD command successful.                          
0: > TYPE A                                             
0: 200 Type set to A.                                   
0: > PORT 10,30,1,7,243,62                              
0: 200 PORT command successful.                         
0: > NLST                                               
0: 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list.
0: 226 Transfer complete.                               
mkdir(): No such path or directory.               

Below is a debug display of variable LocalDir right before the mkdir and chdir commands:

EVAL LocalDir                                                               
LOCALDIR =                                                                  
     1   '/imports/ncr_aj1/incoming                                   '     
    61   '                                                            '     
   121   '                                                            '     
   181   '                                                            '     
   241   '                                                            '     
   301   '                                                            '     
   361   '                                                            '     
   421   '                                                            '     
   481   '                                                            '     
   541   '                                                            '     
   601   '                                        '                         

This is the WRKLNK command illustrating the path exists on the local IBMi system up to the point of the directory path where the mkdir command in do_dir is called to create the same directory found on the FTP Server (the FTP Server directory to mirror).

                            Work with Object Links                        
Directory  . . . . :   /imports/ncr_ajl/incoming                          
Type options, press Enter.                                                
  2=Edit   3=Copy   4=Remove   5=Display   7=Rename   8=Display attributes
  11=Change current directory ...                                         
Opt   Object link            Type     Attribute    Text                   
      import.ajl             STMF                                            

So obviously the path is there so I don't understand the "No such path or directory." error. Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong or what the problem might be?

Best Regards,
Jerry L. Birch

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