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Re: Web service help

   DMZ sounds right, avoid VPN for web services.
   To access a web service, use the security they provide, to serve use a
   If you will serve only to "known" users you can sign your own
   certificate, otherwise it is better to buy in Verisign or similars.
   Chris Lively wrote:

     Max, we are in the same place. I have also started my first attempt
   to develop a RPG program that acts as a web service. I also need it to
   handle XML data using SOAP and connect to a WSDL. The place I started
   was making sure the Apache server was working and that I could log on
   using IBM Navigator for I. Next I started compiling the demo programs I
   found in HTTPAPI, once it was installed, which was no problem at all.

     One of the demo programs goes out to CNN and access their RSS feed to
   make a spool file with the top 10 headlines. Another if for a currency
   exchange API somewhere on the internet.

     Now I am waiting on our network people to decide how to handle access
   into our box from the web. The preferred method they keep talking about
   is a DMZ & VPN.

     The vendor I am working with is called Tango. I would like to hear
   what goal you need to accomplish with web services on the iSeries. Feel
   free to call or email me any time.


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