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RE: FTP 550 error in TESTMIRIN

   Hi Jerry,

   550 in TESTMIRIN does not appear to be a show stopper.  It appears to
   be the norm when the program is checking the existence of the
   file/directory. Running TESTMIRIN against the IBMi here (from my
   /home/mikekr directory to /testhome) sends out many 550 "errors" and
   continues working fine until I hit the 100 limit in the program.

   > NLST

   125 List started.

   250 List completed.

   > CWD SBM00001.log

   550-Specified directory does not exist or cannot be accessed.

   550 Working directory not changed.

   > TYPE I

   You used the same user in the program as you did when testing it
   command line? It seems reasonable that if you can do it manually, you
   should be able to do it programmatically. Did you set the local path

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