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EXPAT Parse error at Line 1: not well-formed (invalid token)

   first off I thank everyone for helping me out I do appreciate it.

   I get the above error message. The highlighted code is where I get the

   This is line 1 of the return XML I see.
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

   Question: Is this something that I did or the return xml has an issue

   XML_SetStartElementHandler( p : %paddr(start) );
   XML_SetEndElementHandler( p : %paddr(end) );
   XML_SetCharacterDataHandler( p : %paddr(chardata) );
   // The following loop will read data from the XML
   // document, and feed it into the XML parser
   // The parser will call the "start" and "end"
   // as the correct data is fed to it.
   dou (done = 1);
   len = read(fd: %addr(Buff): %size(Buff));
   if (len < 1);
   done = 1;
   if (XML_Parse(p: Buff: len: done) = XML_STATUS_ERROR);
   callp close(fd);
   msgdie=('Parse error at line '
   + %char(XML_GetCurrentLineNumber(p)) + ': '
   + %str(XML_ErrorString(XML_GetErrorCode(p))));
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