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RE: Help consuming a REST webservice with HTTPAPI.

   Thanks Scott although I'm not sure I understand your code.
   Are you adding the data in "HeaderData" to the "Url" field as some
   point before you do the http_url_get_raw? If so - how do you add it -
   at the beginning, or at the end, or somewhere in between? Your
   "HeaderData" looks like a url, I'm trying to enter a username :
   password and an account ID so that doesn't seem to be the same thing?
   Why do you have to have a separate Procedure for each Header? Sorry I'm
   pretty new to this.
   Paul Reid
   Application Developer III
   Erb Group of Companies | 290 Hamilton Road | New Hamburg, Ontario | N3A
   Phone: 519.662.6133 ext. 2363
   Web: [1]http://www.erbgroup.com/
   From:        Scott Mildenberger <SMildenberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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   Date:        24/06/2014 11:04 AM
   Subject:        RE: Help consuming a REST webservice with HTTPAPI.
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   I think you just need to set additional headers, that is what the curl
   -H is doing.  Here is an example from one of my programs:
         // Set the referer so Mapquest will accept.
         http_xproc( HTTP_POINT_ADDL_HEADER : %paddr(SetReferer));
         rc = http_url_get_raw(Url : 1 : %paddr(CityState) : 60);
   And then the procedure:
       p SetReferer      b
       D SetReferer      pi
       D   HeaderData                1024A   varying
       D CRLF            C                   CONST(x'0D25')
         HeaderData = 'Referer: [2]http://davistransport.com/' + CRLF;
       p SetReferer      e
   You would just have two procedures for the two different additional
   headers you need.
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   Subject: Help consuming a REST webservice with HTTPAPI.
   Hello everyone.
   I need to consume a REST Web service and I'm going to use HTTPAPI to do
   it. I just need a bit of help getting started. I've consumed SOAP
   services before with HTTPAPI but this is my first crack at consuming a
   REST. I've looked at the examples provided with HTTPAPI but I couldn't
   find one that is doing exactly what this vendor requires. From the
   vendor's web site here is the pertinent documentation for the service I
   need to consume:
   Spireon API makes it easy to retrieve, create, and update resources on
   your account through our REST endpoints. The HTTP methods we support
   are GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. The base URL endpoint is
   To make requests to Spireon API, you need to supply the Authorization
   header for every request you make. We ensure that your credentials are
   secure because all requests must be made over HTTPS.
   Below is a cURL example on how to make a GET request. Note that we
   require both the Authorization and Account headers to authenticate your
   % curl  -H "Authorization: Basic [your auth string]"
          -H "Account: [your account ID]"
   Your auth string is your username and password combined into a string
   and encoded in Base64, like so:
   "Getting Traffic" is the specific service I want to consume:
   Getting Traffic
   Fetching account traffic is done through an HTTP GET operation, and
   synchronisation is based on time intervals:
   1) The client specifies the startAt timestamp.
   2) The server responds with the sequential events from startAt up to a
   limit, and returns the endAt time to the client.
   3) The client uses the server endAt marker as its startAt marker for
   next call.
   Performance Considerations
   The server limits the response at 2000 events (LIMIT).
   The traffic HTTP GET operation can return within a minute with LIMIT
   points in a two hour span. The server prioritizes a fast return over a
   large response, and may set the endAt time before LIMIT.
   The system performs best if the client adheres to the following
   1) The client shall not specify start times older than 7 days; the
   server may discard traffic older than 7 days.
   2) The client should query traffic in non-overlapping [startAt, endAt[
   intervals. Server traffic pre-fetching will cause a substantial
   performance hit on out of order or overlapping time intervals. Those
   only be used for error recovery.
   3) The client should issue back-to-back calls without pause to the
   until the response is empty.
   GET api.spireon.com/api/asset/traffic?limit=50&startAt=1367853959918
   I've been given access to a test "sandbox" for this web site with:
   Username = newcoke
   Password = password
   Account ID = 73718
   I'm not sure if the "Authentication" part is supposed to be included in
   the GET statement or if the security is done with a separate procedure
   prior to the GET. It's mainly the "Authentication" pert that is holding
   up.  I've tried playing around with a slightly modified version of
   EXAMPLE05 called MYXAMPLE05 to see if I can figure out what is going
   Here is the code I've been working with:
   D/copy qrpglesrc,httpapi_h
   D cmd             pr                  extpgm('QCMDEXC')
   D  command                     200A   const
   D  length                       15P 5 const
   D rc              S             10I 0
   D err             S             10I 0
   D basic           S              1N
   D digest          S              1N
   D realm           S            124A
   D userid          S             50A
   D pass            S             50A
   D URL             s            256A
   D msg             S             50A
   D http_getauthLog...
   D                 S           1000A   varying
   C                   eval      *inlr = *on
   C                   eval      URL = 'https://api.spireon.com/api' +
   C                                   '/asset/traffic?limit=50' +
   C                                   '&startAt=1'
   C                   dou       rc = 1
   C                   eval      rc = http_url_get( URL
   C                                :
   C                   if        rc <> 1
   C                   callp     http_error(err)
   C                   if        err <> HTTP_NDAUTH
   C                   callp     http_crash
   C                   return
   C                   endif
   C                   exsr      getpasswd
   C                   endif
   C                   enddo
   C                   callp     cmd('DSPF '+
   C                                 : 200)
   * getpassword - *
   Csr   getpasswd     begsr
       http_getauthLog = '/fleetLocate/restTest/http_getauthLog.txt';
       http_debug(*on : http_getauthLog);
   C                   eval      rc = http_getauth(basic: digest: realm)
   C                   if        rc < 0
   C                   eval      msg = HTTP_ERROR
   C                   dsply                   msg
   C                   return
   C                   endif
   C                   eval      userid = 'enter userid for ' + realm
   C                   dsply                   userid
   C                   eval      pass = 'enter passwd for ' + realm
   C                   dsply                   pass
   C                   if        Digest
   C                   callp     http_setauth(HTTP_AUTH_MD5_DIGEST:
   C                                          userid: pass)
   C                   else
   C                   callp     http_setauth(HTTP_AUTH_BASIC:
   C                                          userid: pass)
   C                   endif
   Csr                 endsr
   The above code stops on the http_getauth procedure. As you can see I've
   added a debug and here is what it says:
   HTTPAPI Ver 1.24 released 2012-01-23
   OS/400 Ver V7R1M0
   http_getauth(): entered
   SetError() #39: Server did not ask for authentication!
   The testAuth.html file is blank.
   I'm not sure if this is even a good example to use for what I need.
   read through the ftpapi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx archives and didn't find
   anything that I thought I could use (maybe I missed something). If
   could give me some help/direction with this is would be greatly
   appreciated as I've been working on this for a few days and I am kind
   Thanks again in advance, Paul.
   Paul Reid
   Application Developer III
   Erb Group of Companies | 290 Hamilton Road | New Hamburg, Ontario | N3A
   Phone: 519.662.6133 ext. 2363
   Web: [6]http://www.erbgroup.com/
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