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Odd Data Transfer Issue

   Hello List,
   We've suddenly begun to experience an issue moving files between our
   iSeries and another one.  I do not believe this is an FTPAPI issue at
   all because we are using it to move files to and from our machine and
   other iSeries without issue.  I am just hoping someone may have ideas
   on how to locate the root cause of this or get more info from FTPAPI.
   We are using put/get/append at different times to move iSeries database
   files around between our iSeries and another.  We are using binary mode
   *ON and trim mode *OFF.  This had been working just fine a week ago and
   suddenly this week we are getting the error message in FTPAPI of "Not
   able to open data connection.".  We are not getting error on the same
   file each time and not every time we connect and move files around.
   I know this is pretty vague but I am hoping someone may have some
   insight or thoughts on this.
   Thanks much in advance.
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