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Data conversion from .NET

   Hi Scott,

   I�testing a webservice against powerEXT where we use HTTPAPI to
   simulate the client and sending XML data from a test STMF in UTF-8.

   Everything works fine and I can read the XML file with QtmhRdStin even
   though the Apache server is set to EBCDIC conversion.

   When we try to move it over in .NET they sends the XML data URLencoded
   and things goes wrong. The Apache interprets the string oddly since
   .NET URLencodes blanks as char � and we furthermore gets char �
   converted to %7E in the input string.

   Do you or anybody have any idea what this is caused by? �
   �   --
   Henrik Rützou
   �   [1]http://powerEXT.com

   1. http://powerext.com/
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