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RE: Staples - web services

I do not have any knowledge of the Staples web services.

For the challenge of it, I tried to find what you are talking about...Staples APIs look like a half hearted attempt to implement some "junk". Looks like a dead project from my research. No wonder the help desk was of no help.

But, for the challenge of it, they are using simple program calls (GET) to do their work. Wiresharking the store locator page revealed this URL:


Give it a try and see if that works for what you want. Some of it seems obvious, put in the lat and long of your location, not sure what the extra 9999998 is on the end of the longitude, radius is miles from that point, locale is English US and limit is how many to return? No sure offset.

The reply is XML. Read through it and find what you want to know.

Good luck. If you get working code, please share it.

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Anybody have any examples using Staples webservices

Contacted their help desk, they had no idea of what I was talking about

Wanting to consume an Staples webservice for store locations

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