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Re: FTPAPI: using DIR to get a directory-list into a file

   Hello Scott,
   Thank you very much for your reply and your explanation. My problem is
   the following:
   We find today a directory on the server with the name xyz. It has
   creation date April 12, 2014. Tomorrow it will be deleted and replaced
   with a new directory xyz, with creation date April 23, 2014. If I only
   have the names of the directories, I don't know, if the directory is
   the same as it was yesterday. So I will have to download the content of
   the directory and compare it with the content of the directory that I
   downloaded last week.
   It's not possible for me to rename or delete the directory after I have
   downloaded the content.
   The IBM client gives me the creation date.
   As a work around I could use the IBM client to get the creation dates
   and use this information to tell FTPAPI, which directories it has to
   Another possibility could be to try to convince the people, that place
   the directories on the server to use unique names, for example by
   placing a date (or timestamp) in front of the directory names:
   20140422_directoryName. The directories are put on the server by a
   manual process.
   Best regards

   Am 22.04.2014 15:55, schrieb Scott Klement:

   You are confusing FTPAPI with the IBM FTP client.   FTPAPI does not
   have the ability to write a directory listing to a file.  If you wish
   to have your directory contents in a file, then you may take the data
   sent from FTPAPI (which comes as an array) and write it's contents to a
   file from your RPG program.
   On 4/22/2014 8:35 AM, Jan Grove Vejlstrup wrote:

   I am using FTPAPI to get informations of a remote directory.
   I use the command DIR. If I open an interactive session, it works
   allright. The file DIROUTPUT is created in the current library.

   I've written a little testprogram test305 using FTPAPI. If I run it I
   find the following in the joblog, but no file DIROUTPUT in the current
   library. Here is the joblog:
   4 > call
        1-: FTPAPI version 3.0beta1 released on
        99-: Connecting to host xxxxxxxxxx.yy at address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
   using port

        0: 220 Microsoft FTP
        0: > USER xxxxxxxxxxxx

        0: 331 Password required for
        0: > PASS
        0: 230 User xxxxxxxxxxxx logged
        0: > DIR /Depot
        0: 500 'DIR /Depot (DISK': command not
        0: >
        0: 221
   The little program comes here:
         *inlr = *on;

         ftp_logging(0: *on);

         ftp = ftp_conn(FTPADR: FTPUSER: FTPPWD);
         if ftp < 0;
           msg = FTP_errorMsg(0);
           dsply msg;

         command = 'DIR /Depot (DISK';
         returnValue = ftp_quote(ftp: command);



   Why doesn't it work, when I use the program?
   Best regards

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