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Re: Size file XML

   Can you explain a bit of why getting 101 results will "blow you out of
   the water"?   I understand that it's causing you problems, but I don't
   understand exactly which problems or why.    Perhaps your program is
   loading the results into an array that has only 20 elements, so you
   need to skip the other 81?  If so, why not just skip them?  Or is the
   problem the amount of time it takes to send over the network?  But that
   seems unlikely as the data doesn't look very big.
   Please clarify.

   On 4/17/2014 7:34 AM, Giel van der Merwe wrote:


   Hi there all you clever people,

   I am sort of new to the whole XML/AS400, and I hope someone has a
   simple answer, I call a web service at MAPIT getting
   GEO(LATITUDES/LONGATUDES) codes for a specific physical address,

   Sometimes I get a couple of results and then all works well, but
   sometimes like the attached result I get 101 results, this then tends
   to blow me out of the water, Is there a way I can just tell the program
   to send me what you can, because I am only interested in the first 20
   GEOCODEINFORMATION records in anyway


   [1][[2]cid:image004.png@01CF5A4A.128A7FA0] SOAP = '<?xml version="1.0"

   + '<soap:Envelope'

   + ' xmlns:xsi=[3]"http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance";'

   + ' xmlns:xsd=[4]"http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema";'

   + ' xmlns:soap=[5]"http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/";>'

   + '<soap:Body>'

   + '<Search xmlns=[6]"http://gis.avis.co.za";>'

   + '<s1>'+ %trim(addr1) + '</s1>'

   + '<s2>'+ %trim(addr2) + '</s2>'

   + '<type>'+ %trim(geot) + '</type>'

   + '<countryCode>'+ %trim(addr3) + '</countryCode>'

   + '</Search>'

   + '</soap:Body>'

   + '</soap:Envelope>';

   SoapAction = '[7]http://gis.avis.co.za/Search';

    url = %trim(env)+ 'WebServices.Mapit/GisService.asmx';

    if http_url_post_raw(url

                          : %addr(SOAP) + 2

                          : %len(SOAP)

                          : 1

                          : %paddr('INCOMING')

                          : HTTP_TIMEOUT

                          : HTTP_USERAGENT

                          : 'text/xml'

                          : %Trim(SoapAction)) =1;

       cnvdta = %trim(retdata);

       len = %len(%trim(cnvdta));


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                                  Thank You.


   1. [9]http://vmisfiisintrac/Avis.WebServices.Mapit/GisService.asmx/Search?s1=
   2. [10]http://www.avis.co.za/

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   1. cid:image001.gif@01CF5A49.11496990
   2. cid:image004.png@01CF5A4A.128A7FA0
   3. http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance
   4. http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema
   5. http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/
   6. http://gis.avis.co.za/
   7. http://gis.avis.co.za/Search
   8. cid:114041714345501902@mail40.mimecast.co.za
   9. http://vmisfiisintrac/Avis.WebServices.Mapit/GisService.asmx/Search?s1=MONTE%20CASINO&s2=SANDTON&type=Point&countryCode=ZAF
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