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WSDL2RPG- Getting error code MCH4429

   HI Thomas,

   Please find attached the WSDL and XSD Files that were used to create
   the Find Us Rail Web Service, the files are available at
   // for quick reference.

   The problem that we are encountering is twofold:

   1.       When the WSDL2RPG was run using the WSDL File with Default
   Array Dim. as 128 and String length as 128 the module while creation
   gave the error - RNF7301 on ITEM. In order to mitigate this I reduced
   the lengths of both DIM and strings. After this the error was removed
   and compile was successful.

   2.       After the compile when we run the program in Debug Mode, we
   get the error - MCH4429. This is encountered as soon the program is
   called and not after receiving the response.

   Seeking you inputs on this issue. Please let me know if any additional
   info is required.



   Gaurav Gupta

   Project Manager, GE(Contractor)

   GE Capital

   Rail Services

   T:  +1 312-853-5536

   D: *750-5536

   C:  +1 847-337-1852

   161 N Clark St.
   Chicago, IL  - 60601, USA


   1. mailto:gaurav.gupta3@xxxxxx

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