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It says your user is invalid!

So, some possibilities. One, someone forced a password change to deal with the OpenSSL bug. Two, looks like V3 apis are deprecated. Maybe they stopped supporting them. I could not find the account one you are using in v3 but I didn't look in every option (there is an account one in v4). Three, maybe you changed your password. Four, maybe you didn't pay your bill.

I think I would start with trying to login on the website and make sure you can.

The pin is obviously obfuscated in the httpapi program and that would be the next step. Make sure that still matches the one you currently use. 

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Attached is a http log produced by the http api.  The response xml is in 
the log but the api does not return the xml string to my calling 
program.  I have used the api many times and I have never had this 
issue.  Based on the errors in the log can you tell me why the xml is 
not returned?


Paul Doan
PSA, Inc.

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