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Re: Server response includes extra CRLF - how to strip them out?

   should have been "subtract 2" :)
   But I'd rather be able to handle it if they drop the extra CRLF or even
   add more.

   On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 2:57 PM, Charles Wilt
   <[1]charles.wilt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

   I'm using the�http_url_post_raw2() procedure and the server response
   includes an extra CRLF..
   The debug log shows:
   SetError() #13: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
   recvresp(): end with 200
   recvdoc parms: identity 10
   header_load_cookies() entered
   recvdoc(): entered
   SetError() #0:
   http_close(): entered
   Now I suppose I could simply subtract 1 from my returned data length...
   � � � � �if retlen > 1;
   � � � � � �http_xlate(retlen: retdata: TO_EBCDIC);
   But if they ever get rid of the extra CRLF, I'd be in trouble. �   Looking for recommendations on how to strip the CRLF..either in my
   "Incoming" procedure or before/after the call to http_xlate().


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