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RE: use special caracther with http_url_get_raw

First, I'd suggest not running in CCSID 65535. I am a little surprised anyone is still doing that. I think that is the root of the problem. 65535 says "I am hex and don't convert me".

What else have you tried? If you change your job to 280 does it work?

Read this reply from Scott to another similar issue. I think it is relevant to your issue.

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i would use http_url_get_raw procedure to call web service to send sms;  i need to insert special caratcher in the sms's text like  "à" or "€".  Example if i write a text with the string ""Test tà",  in the sms i  receive "Test t?" 

my job is running in CCSID 65535 and my source file has CCSID 280.

i tryed toi put in my pgm as first line callp     HTTP_SetCCSIDs(1208:280) but the problem is not solved

can you help me ?


Thanks in advance

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