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Include HTTPAPI into custom program without having LIBHTTP

   I'm new to RPG, compiling etc. but hope that you can help me, and hope
   the following makes sense:
   I wan't to use HTTPAPI for doing the following in my own RPG program
   - Set proxy username/password
   - Get XML content from a url that uses basic authentication
   - Parse the XML and extract some of the XML into a string
   I can accomplish all of this as long as the LIBHTTP exists and I have
   run the INSTALL etc. according
   to [1]http://www.scottklement.com/httpapi/httpapi_savf.html.
   However, I would really much appreciate if it was possible to somehow
   only have my MYLIB/QRPGLESRC,MYAPP (RPGLE) where the custom code is,
   then create a module MYLIB/MYAPP (*MODULE) out of this and then create
   MYLIB/MYAPP (*PGM) out of the module. Then when the MYLIB/MYAPP (*PGM)
   is compiled successfully then be able to save my entire MYLIB into a
   SAVF and move it to another machine where LIBHTTP is not available.
   So basically I just need my own code, compile it against LIBHTTP
   somehow so that everything needed is compiled into MYLIB/MYAPP.
   Is this possible?
   Best regards,


   1. http://www.scottklement.com/httpapi/httpapi_savf.html
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