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RE: Server Name Indication?

At least in 7.1, it appears to be in GSKIT



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Hi Ted,

HTTPAPI does not have it's own code for SSL.   It merely calls the GSKit 
APIs for SSL that IBM provides with the operating system.

Server Name Indication (SNI) is a feature of SSL, not a feature of HTTP, 
so there's no way I can implement this.  IBM would have to do it.


On 12/13/2013 9:23 AM, ted_holt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>     Does HTTPAPI support Server Name Indication?   I am having trouble
>     communicating with a Web service, and this is what they have found out
>     from our trouble-shooting.
>     The issue is something called ?SNI? or ?Server Name Indication?. We
>     have several API websites running off the same IP, each with its own
>     certificate. SNI forces the client to tell them what host they are
>     looking for so it knows which certificate to dish up. SNI is built in
>     to all modern day browsers and that?s why we don?t have any problems
>     from RestClient or any other testing facilities. If im correct, I don?t
>     think the utility you are using is implementing SNI and when it
>     contacts our server the server doesn?t know what its looking for.
>     You were able to make a call to the api through SSL during out test
>     yesterday because I disabled SNI, and just set one certificate for the
>     IP, but that renders all the other sites dead. SNI is a fairly common
>     thing, so the software you are using should have the ability to
>     implement it somewhere in there.
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