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Re: Server Name Indication?

   IBM does implement SNI.  It's handled through the
   gsk_attribute_set_buffer() API.
   There are three calls to gsk_attribute_set_buffer in module COMMSSLR4.
    I spent a little time today trying to determine what values HTTPAPI
   would need to pass to gsk_attribute_set_buffer in order to address SNI,
   but didn't figure that out yet.   I was hoping someone on the list had
   dealt with SNI already.
   ~  Hi Ted,
   ~ HTTPAPI does not have it's own code for SSL.   It merely calls the
   ~  GSKit APIs for SSL that IBM provides with the operating system.
   ~  Server Name Indication (SNI) is a feature of SSL, not a feature of
   ~  HTTP, so there's no way I can implement this.  IBM would have to do
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