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*** WSDL2RPG and V7.1 ***


I am sorry to say that WSDL2RPG has a problem with V7R1. The problem is that IBM changed the compiler to no longer accept an asterisk (*) as a replacement for *OMIT. For details please refer to the following APAR:


In order to fix the problem you need to change the rcvPgmMsg() statement in your web service stub like this:

      isUnexpectedError = cTrue;
   rcvm0200 = f_rcvPgmMsg(cMsg_Any: *omit: cMsg_Act_Same: 0
                                    +---- needs to be changed
                             : cMsg_Same: cMsg_ToMyself);
      msg = f_cvtRcvMsgToMsg(rcvm0200);
      g_errors.errType        = WSDL_HTTP_ERROR_UNEXPECTED;
      g_errors.httpError.no   = WSDL_HTTP_ERROR_UNEXPECTED;
      g_errors.httpError.text = f_rtvMsgText(msg);
      rc    = g_errors.httpError.no;
      o_msg = g_errors.httpError.text;

Just change the asterisk to *OMIT. Otherwise you will receive the following error message when compiling the source member:

RNF0203 - An asterisk cannot be passed as a parameter.

Also change the same statement in member WS_OPER. WS_OPER is the template source member that is used to generate the operation module of the web service stub.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


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